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Tree Removal

For thorough tree removal services, contact Broderick Tree Services

Tree Removal

At Broderick Tree Services, we understand that sometimes tree removal becomes the only viable option. Whether due to advanced decay, poor structural integrity, or hazardous proximity to dwellings, footpaths, or power lines, removing a tree requires professional expertise.

We have the experience, training, and equipment necessary to safely carry out tree dismantling operations, even in restricted spaces.

For experienced tree removal services

Stump Removal

Once a tree is removed, you're often left with an unsightly stump. We offer comprehensive stump removal services to complete the job. Whether you want to count the rings or utilize the space for other purposes, we can efficiently grind down any size stump.

Removing the stump not only eliminates a potential trip hazard but also allows you to prepare the site for seeding and eliminates competition from grass and weeds.

For comprehensive stump removal services, contact Broderick Tree Services

Wood Chipping

We understand that not all wood from tree removal is suitable for firewood. In such cases, we provide wood chipping services. The wood can be chipped, and the resulting chips can be either removed by us or retained by the client for their use.

Wood chips serve as an excellent base layer around trees, with a minimum depth of 8 cm. They help reduce competition from grass and weeds, retain moisture, and provide a source of nutrition for the tree.

For a wide selection of wood chips to choose from, contact Broderick Tree Services

Tree Removal FAQ

Where can I find tree removal near me?

Broderick Tree Services provides tree removal to customers in Limerick.

What tree removal services do you offer?

Our tree removal services include wood chipping and stump removal.

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