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Tree Pruning

For reliable tree pruning services, contact Broderick Tree Services

Tree Pruning

At Broderick Tree Services, our team specializes in pruning established trees to enhance their beauty while promoting safety. We carefully prune branches in a way that allows more light to reach your property while reducing excessive movement during strong winds.

Trees add value and beauty to a property while providing privacy and shielding from noise and dust. Usually, you can ignore trees and let them grow in peace. However, it can quickly become an issue when branches start falling, or worse.


By quickly fixing problems with your tree early, we can save you huge expenses and inconvenience in the future.
We can prune established trees in a way that maintains or even enhances the tree's appearance and allows more light to fall on the property while also reducing movement in strong winds. 

For trustworthy tree pruning services, contact Broderick Tree Services

Crown Reduction

With crown reduction, we selectively reduce the height and width of the tree, often as a percentage. It's important to note that this technique is not "topping," which is detrimental to the tree's health and leads to additional expenses in the future.

Our approach preserves the tree's integrity while addressing its size and shape.

Crown Thinning

Through crown thinning, we strategically remove select branches throughout the crown.


This process promotes better light penetration and improved airflow within the tree. By reducing density, we enhance the tree's overall health and vigour.

Crown Raising & Cleaning

If you need to create space for parking, headroom, or improved views, our crown-raising service is ideal. We expertly remove the lowest limbs of the tree, allowing for practical and aesthetic considerations without compromising the tree's stability.

To keep your tree in excellent condition, it is also essential to address deadwood buildup, which can be unsightly and hazardous. Our crown cleaning service involves the removal of dead, crossing, cracked, or weakened branches. By eliminating these potential risks, we ensure your tree remains healthy, safe, and visually appealing.

For all other kinds of tree pruning services, contact Broderick Tree Services

Tree Pruning FAQ

Where can I find tree pruning near me?

Broderick Tree Services offers tree pruning to customers in Limerick.

What tree pruning services do you offer?

Our services include crown reduction, crown thinning, crown raising, crown cleaning and more.

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